Car Service

Servicing Your Vehicle

Use only automotive technicians you can trust; technicians that are qualified with specialist experience and training. All of Le Mans Automotive services use the highest grade of oil and parts. Our attention to detail is impeccable. During every service we give your vehicle a detailed safety inspection and report all of the findings back to you. During this time, the technician will call you to discuss any safety problems we have found. We will give you an upfront verdict and suggestion on how to approach these concerns, as we understand transparency is important. Servicing will never begin without your confirmation!

Minor Service

Vehicle On Floor
1ABS warning system
2brake & clutch pedal height
3direction indicators/hazards
4door/bonnet/boot locks
5front screen washers
6front wiper blades
7headlight wash/wipe
10instrument illumination
11interior lamps
12lighting system
13rear screen washers
14rear wiper blades
15seat belt condition
16seat slides
18warning lights
Vehicle Fully Raised
19automatic transmission fluid leaks
20catalytic converter condition
21chassis lube
22drive shaft joints/seals/boots
23engine mounts
24engine oil
25engine oil filter
26engine oil leaks
27exhaust system condition
28final drive oil level
29fuel system leakage
30transmission oil level
31transmission oil leaks
32underbody condition/sealant
Vehicle Half Raised
33brake hydraulic system
34front brake disc rotors
35front brake pads
37handbrake cables/linkages
38rear brake disc rotors/drums
39rear brake pads/shoes
40road wheels
41tyre condition
42tyre pressures
Under Bonnet Operations
43air filter
44automatic transmission fluid level
45auxiliary drive belts
46battery condition/specific gravity
47brake fluid level/condition
48CO content
49coolant level
50cooling system/hoses
51cooling system/radiator
52crankcase ventilation
53EGR valve/hoses
54engine oil
55EVAP system
56idle speed
57washer bottle(s) level
Final Items Check
58engine self-diagnosis system
59headlamp alignment
60roadwheel nuts/bolts
61service reminder
62vehicle locks/hinges
Road Test Vehicle
63ABS function
65clutch operation
66directional stability
67engine performance
70steering free-play
71transmission inhibitor switch
72transmission shift pattern
After Road Test
74vehicle condition

Major Service

Vehicle On Floor
1 ABS warning system
2 brake & clutch pedal height
3 direction indicators/hazards
4 door/bonnet/boot locks
5 exterior lights
6 front screen washers
7 front wiper blades
8 headlight wash/wipe
9 heater/air-conditioner
10 horn
11 instrument illumination
12 interior lamps
13 lighting system
14 rear screen washers
15 rear wiper blades
16 sunroof guide rails
17 seat slides
18 seat belt condition
Vehicle Fully Raised
19 automatic transmission fluid leaks
20 catalytic converter condition
21 chassis lube
22 drive shaft joints/seals/boots
23 engine mounts
24 engine oil
25 engine oil filter
26 engine oil leaks
27 exhaust system condition
28 final drive oil level
29 fuel system leakage
30 steering joints
31 suspension joints/seals/boots
32 transmission oil
33 underbody condition/sealant
34 universal joints
Vehicle Half Raised
35 brake hydraulic system
36 front brake disc rotors
37 front brake pads
38 handbrake
39 handbrake cables/linkages
40 rear brake pads/lining
41 rear brake disc rotors/drums
42 road wheels
43 tyre condition
44 tyre pressures
Under Bonnet Operations
45 air filter
46 automatic transmission fluid level
47 auxiliary drive belts
48 battery condition/specific gravity
49 brake fluid level/condition
50 coolant level/anti-freeze strength
51 cooling system/hoses
52 cooling system/radiator
53 crankcase ventilation
54 EGR valve/hoses
55 EVAP system
56 engine oil
57 fuel filter
58 idle speed
59 oxygen sensor
60 power steering fluid
61 spark plugs
62 timimg belt
63 washer bottle(s) level
Final Items Check
64 engine self-diagnosis system
65 headlamp alignment
66 roadwheel nuts/bolts
67 service reminder
68 vehicle locks/hinges
Road Test Vehicle
69 ABS function
70 brakes
71 clutch operation
72 directional stability
73 engine performance
74 instruments
75 mirrors
76 steering free-play
77 transmission shift inhibitor switch
78 transmission shift pattern
After Road Test
79 engine
80 vehicle condition